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大会に関するお問い合わせ TEL&FAX 058-263-1295(平日10:00~17:00)

Race Outline


Name The Fourth Takahashi Naoko Cup / Gifu Seiryu Half-Marathon Race
Date Sunday, May 18, 2014
The race will commence rain or shine.
*The race may be cancelled, or the course changed in the event of extreme weather conditions

Number cards will be distributed to registered participants.

Saturday, May 17 from 10:00 through to 20:00
Gifu Memorial Center
Entries will not be accepted on the day of the race.
*Entries for the 3 km race will be accepted from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event, Sunday, May 18.
Venue Gifu Memorial Center (2675-28 Nagara Fukumitsu Ohno, Gifu City)
Time Limit ①Half-marathon race: 3 hours ②3-km race: 30 minutes
Competition Rules The race will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and JAAF (Japan Association of Athletics Federations), and the race organizer.
This race has received IAAF Road Race Label designation. IAAF Road-Race Label Regulations also apply to this race. Testing for doping will be carried out in accordance with IAAF regulations.
Prizes &
- All finishers from 1st place to 8th place in both male and female races will receive awards.
- Running times for both the half-marathon and 3-km races will be automatically measured by chips and all runners who completely run the course will receive a certificate certifying their running time after the race.

Events (Eligibility & Entry fee)




starting time
 /cut-off time
(Time limits)※2

number of 

Eligibility  ※3 Entry fee



Half marathon 
race for 
registered  entrants

Runners should
be registered
with the JAAF.
(3 hours
running time)
Runners must be 18 years old or older on the day of the race.
※2014 JAAF-registered athletes only


race for
 general participants

Runners must be 18 years old or older on the day of the race.
※*In the case of athletes who are registered with the JAAF and participate in the 2nd division, the running time will not be officiated.



3-km race

(30 minutes running time)
Junior high-school students or those in higher grades \1,800

Invited Athletes:

Athletes with excellent running times, which were achieved either in domestic or international races, will be invited to participate in the race.

Charity Entry:

Advance online-entries will be accepted from December 2 to December 5, 2013. Participation as a “charity entrant” will require a payment of 4000 yen, in addition to the regular entry fee. (The 4,000 yen includes a 3000-yen charitable donation and an original commemorative T-shirt).
(*Maximum number of charity entrants:1 1,800 people  2 200 people *7)
*Runners can choose to assign their charitable contribution to one of four categories: “Support For Disaster-affected and Conflict-affected Regions”, “Support for Sports for the Physically Challenged”, “Support for Environmental Protection”, and “Support for the Protection of Animal Rights”.

The courses are authorized by both the IAAF (the International Association of Athletics Federation) and the JAAF (the Japan Association of Athletics Federation), and are under the supervision of marathon runner, Ms. Naoko Takahashi.
The running time limits will be based on the starting-gun time and strictly enforced. For reasons of traffic control, security, and event operation, the cut-off time will be strictly enforced. When runners cannot reach a checkpoint by the cut-off time, they will be asked to leave the race.
We expect all runners to be able to finish the half-marathon race within 2 hours and 50 minutes and the 3-km race within 25 minutes.
(In the case of athletes who are registered with the JAAF and participate in the 2nd division race, their running time will not be officiated.)
The eligibility age is determined by the runner’s age as of May 18, 2014. Due to safety issues runners in wheelchairs are not eligible for this race.
Runners in all divisions must start running in the order of the time declared in their application.
Due to safety reasons, Third Division (3-km race) runners will be divided into 2 starting groups and start separately.
Accident insurance is included.
The entry fee for a runner who accompanies a visually impaired runner will be waived, with a maximum of up to 2 persons. For further information, please contact the administration office.
An additional charge may be required depending on the method of payment.
In the event that the maximum number of charity entrants is not reached, the remaining number of the charity entrants will be allocated to the general entrants.

Size chart of the commemorative T-shirt
[Unisex(for adults)] ※Please use this as a rough guide.

Sizes SS S M L O
[in cm]
[in kg]



[in cm]

Cut-Off Time

Runners, who fail to pass through the checkpoints before the time limit, will be disqualified from the race and will be asked to leave the race.

1Half Marathon

Chekpoints are at: Running time after gun fired should be within: Cut-off time:
 (intersection in front of a courthouse)
 (Ukai Ohashi Southeast intersection)
13.2km(Chidori Bashi North intersection)
17.3km(Gifu Grand Hotel parking area)
Goal (Nagaragawa Stadiun)
53 minutes

1 hour and 30 minutes

1 hour and 55 minutes
2 hours and 27 minutes
3 hours



23km Race

Chekpoints are at: Running time after gun fired should be within: Cut-off time:
Goal (Nagaragawa Stadium) 30 minutes 09:53

Application Procedure for Race Registration:

■Reference:Entry Fee and Service Charge

Race 1 Half marathon race 2 3-km race
Entry Fee \6,500 \1,800
How to Apply Via the Internet By Postal Transfer※1 Via the Internet By Postal Transfer※1
Time of payment and Acceptance of Registration When you apply through the Internet
《In order of the applications received》
When you receive the result of the lottery
《By lottery》
When you apply through the Internet
《In order of the applications received》
When you receive the result of the lottery
《By lottery》
Administrative Fee When you apply \500 \500 \200 \500
When you receive the result - \0 - \0
Bank Commission When you apply \0 \120※2 \0 \120※2
When you receive the result - \120※2 - \120※2
Payment Options Internet Payment by Credit Card Postal Money Transfer
(Payment viaa convenience store will not be accepted.)
Internet Payment by Credit Card Postal Money Transfer 
(Payment viaa convenience store will not be accepted.)
Payment via a convenience store Payment via a convenience store
Total amount \7,000 \7,240 \2,000 \2,540
Charity Entry
Administrative fee for the charity entry is \500.
* Advance online entries will be accepted from December 2 to December 5, 2013.

※1: Incomplete or illegible forms received via postal transfer will not be accepted. We recommend that you apply through the Internet.
※2: This fee is charged when you pay the entry fee at a teller’s window of Japan Post Bank or Japan Post. A different fee may be charged if you use an ATM. For more details, please contact Japan Post Bank or Japan Post.
* Please ensure that you make your payment before the due date. If you fail to pay by the due date, your entry will automatically be cancelled.

Additional Application Stipulations:

◎Before applying, all the participants are required to read all the rules and regulations stated below and agree to follow them.

  1. Once you have submitted your entry form, it is considered that you have read, understood and accepted the race outline and all of the rules and regulations. Any cancellations and changes of division after entry due to personal circumstances will not be accepted for any reason. No refunds of payments will be given.
  2. Each applicant is allowed only a single entry for one of the three divisions, and changing the race entered will not be possible after acceptance of the application. Applicants making a false claim, such as with regards to age or gender, or acting on behalf of another applicant running in the race, will be immediately disqualified. If you or other member of the organization you represent is discovered to have intentionally made a falsehood in your registration, your entry will immediately be cancelled for this year’s race, and you may not be allowed to race in any events held in the future.
  3. Transfer of rights to participate in the race is strictly prohibited. If the organizer discovers a misconduct of these acts, your entry will be immediately forfeit and the organizer will not be held liable for any damages incurred.
  4. Runners who are registered with the JAAF and participate in the second division (half-marathon for general participants), will not receive officiated running times.
  5. Applicants who are members of JAAF are requested to state which body they belong to in their application.
  6. Minors must have the written consent of a guardian to enter the race.
  7. Special number cards will be provided for the exclusive use of escort runners accompanying the visually-impaired. Please inform the administration office at the time of application if you are intending to be an escort or to be escorted.
  8. Detailed race information will be sent to accepted applicants in the middle of April. Other miscellaneous items, such as the runner’s number card, will be handed out at the time of your entry. Runners should attach their number card to their chests. Those who are registered with JAAF, and heart support runners are requested to attach their number cards to both their chest and back.
  9. Streets and roads in the vicinity of the race venue will be very crowded on the day of the race, so it is highly recommended that people use public transportation or shuttle buses. A space in the parking lot will be given only to those who reserved such at the time of entry.
  10. Race organizers are not responsible for lateness due to delays of public transportation or traffic conditions.
  11. Please make sure you train well for the marathon race and participants are required to monitor their health condition and receive a physical check-up prior to the race. In the case that you feel any abnormal physical conditions, make sure to consult a doctor before entry.
  12. As for injuries, illnesses, loss or accidents that occur during the race, first-aid will be given by the organizer. However, the race organizer will not be held responsible afterwards unless the accident resulted from an intentional act or the gross negligence of the event organizer.
  13. The organizer will carry accident insurance, which will cover the following; 2 million yen will be paid out for injuries or residual disability incurred during the race; 1,500 yen per day will be paid out to those who are hospitalized; 1,000 yen per day will be paid out to those who visit hospital as an out-patient.
  14. Personal belongings can be kept at a designated area, but the race organizer will not be held liable for stolen or missing belongings in case of theft.
  15. For reasons of safety, the starting order is based on the time specified in the application at the time of registration. No false declarations will be tolerated in order to ensure safe administration of the races. In accordance with the instructions of the race officials, runners must start running from the designated block. Those who arrive late at the starting point must start from the last available block. To ensure the safety of runners and the race schedule, interruptions will not be allowed.
  16. In the case of an emergency, such as accidents or fire, emergency vehicles must be allowed to pass ahead runners. Please follow the instructions of the police, ambulance, fire fighters, or race officials.
  17. Banners or placards with claims or advertisements are prohibited. Regarding costumes, runners should abide by the rules laid out by the event organizer. Any conduct in violation of the official rules and instructions may lead to disqualification and a forfeit of the entry fee.
  18. For runners who are registered with JAAF and desire to receive an official certificate of their running time, a certificate will be issued for a fee of 500 yen per certificate. Please apply on the day of the race. The certificate will be sent to the runner at a later time.
  19. Please carry home all personal trash.
  20. No refund of a payment will be given in the case of a scaling-down or cancellation of the race, caused by an earthquake, storm with wind and flood damage, snow, fire, an incident or an accident, or illness.
  21. No refund of a payment will be given in the case of a cancellation of the race due to an event that happened beyond the reasonable control of the organizer.
  22. The publicity rights and portrait rights to post videos, photographs, articles, or recordings and other information related to the race including applicants’ names, ages and addresses (country, prefecture, or city) to all TV, newspaper, magazine, or the Internet, shall belong to the organizer.
  23. Photographs taken during the event can be generally sold (not only by the organizer but also by subcontractors).
  24. The organizer will observe the laws concerning the Protection of Personal Information Act and will deal responsibly with all information concerning participants. 
  25. The race will be held in accordance with all stated rules, regulations and agreed on items.

Regarding personal information:

The organizer recognizes the importance of personal information, and will therefore observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws dealing with personal data. In order to improve service to participants, personal data will be used by the organizer or its subcontractors for the following: invitations to participate, notification of running-time records, invitations to participate in future events, announcement of running-time records and place rankings, and notifications from related organizations regarding future events. The organizer or its subcontractors may contact participants to confirm their application for entry into the race.

To obtain a pamphlet or money transfer form, please apply to the following address together with the following information:
  1. A note containing the following information:
    - the number of copies of the form or pamphlet you require
    - your phone number
    (e.g. Pamphlet: 1, Money Transfer Form: 1)
  2. Postage stamp for return postage
    (140 yen stamp for 1 to 3 copies, 200 yen for 4 to 6 copies, 240 yen for 7 to 11 copies, 390 yen for 12 to 23 copies)
  3. Return envelope of A4 size, together with the recipient’s written name and address.
Contact information for inquiries for this event, an application, and requests for a pamphlet or a money transfer form:
“Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon Entry Center” in Go Sports Web Entry Center

4F STC Building 1-7-17 Aoi Higashi-ku Nagoya City, Aichi 461-0004
Tel: 0570-550-711 (Weekdays, 10:00 – 17:00)

* After Friday, December 20, please contact the administrative office of Naoko Takahashi Cup Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon Executive committee. The office is closed from Thursday, December 26 to Tuesday, January 7.
* Applicants are responsible for the postage of sending pamphlets and forms.

Contact Information for event inquiries (*After Friday, December 20th)
Administrative Office of Naoko Takahashi Cup Gifu Seiryu Half Marathon Executive committee

TEL.058-263-1295 (Weekdays, 10:00 – 17:00)
(Closed from Thursday, December 26 through to Tuesday, January 7)