Official Cheer Spots to be Introduced on Race Day

At the Gifu Half Marathon 2018, we will introduce “Official Cheer Spots” to support runners with the spirit of hospitality.

< Official Cheer Spot Locations >
- Near 7.5 km point (Kawaramachi Area): Water and candies will be provided.
- Near 18 km point (In front of Juroku Nagaragawa Recreation Facility): Water and sweet buns will be provided.
*See the course map for the exact locations.
*Food and drink will start being provided after the elite runner has passed each point.

We would like to remind all our participants to read the race instructions and check the locations of water stations, restrooms and first aid stations on the course map prior to the race.

Course Map: http://www.gifu-marathon.jp/en/course/index.html
Race Instructions: http://www.gifu-marathon.jp/en/notes/index.html